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September 25, 2018

Dear Neighbors:

My friends and I have been knocking on your doors during the past few weeks, and if you have not seen us yet, you will see us soon. I want to thank all of you we have met for your time and your ideas.

I am seeking your vote to be your mayor because I have the best qualifications to represent you, because my collaborative approach to city governance will serve you better, and because we need a supportive mayor who works well with our excellent city staff and services personnel.

The input I have received from you confirms that we all recognize the same issues facing Medina:

  • We need to slow residential growth in a manner that preserves our open space, parks and natural areas, and that ensures our infrastructure is not overloaded;

  • We need to continue careful budgeting, and promote smart commercial development, to maintain one of the lowest tax rates in the county; and

  • We need to maintain our parks, woodlands and fields in and around our neighborhoods to keep our neighborhoods wonderful places to raise our children.

My 37 years as a real estate and land use attorney makes me uniquely qualified to navigate the requirements of the Metropolitan Council, and the rights of individual landowners, to conserve our open spaces and natural areas. With 23 years managing a small law firm, I recognize the importance of budgeting, and have the experience to implement it. And my 28 years as a Medina resident, during which my husband and I raised two sons in this beautiful city, gives me a deep appreciation of our neighborhoods, our playgrounds and our open space.

I have worked hard for our City as a Planning Commissioner from 2010 to 2013, as a Council Member from 2013 to 2018, and as Acting Mayor and Mayor in 2018.  During that tenure, I served as the Council’s liaison to the Planning Commission and the Public Works, Police and Fire Departments. Recognizing my skills and collaborative approach, the City has relied on me to:

  • Chair Medina's 2040 Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee, which significantly slowed the pace of planned residential growth in Medina;

  • Assist in mediating a conclusion to litigation that preserved vast open space from development and shielded the City from further financial liability; and

  • Initiate and lead long range planning with our police department and our four fire departments.

Medina is a wonderful place in which to live. Keeping it that way takes hard work and an informed, detailed, thoughtful approach. I work very hard, and you can count on me to research the issues thoroughly, to listen to your concerns and to lead the Council to a fair conclusion. I hope I can count on

your vote.

With my respect and gratitude,