The Vision Statement for the 2040 Comprehensive Plan, which I authored and the Steering Committee adopted, reads: 

"Medina is a community united by a common goal:  to sustain and enhance the quality of life of its residents.  The City will protect its significant natural resources and open space throughout the City, while honoring its rural heritage and fostering safe and well-designed neighborhoods, places of recreation and destinations for citizens to gather.  Development within the City will be commensurate with available transportation systems, municipal services and school capacity."

Quality of Life

         We all cherish the neighborhoods that have been developed in Medina, as well as the rural areas that create a character that is unique within Hennepin County. I believe we have common goals in preserving open space, beautiful views, good schools, low crime, a well-maintained park and trail system, good roads, prudent government and reasonable taxes. 

Natural Resources and Open Space

          Because Medina is part of Hennepin County, the Metropolitan Council has the power to dictate, among other things, the number of new housing units the City must absorb and the location of municipal sewer and water services.  We need to work creatively and intelligently within this framework to maintain, to the maximum extent possible, the open space and rural character of Medina.  This means that we may need to allow a few new housing units today, (a) to preserve acres of otherwise developable land from future development, and (b) to protect forests, slopes, scenic vistas and prairie land as open space, benefitting all of our residents.

Our Excellent Administration

       Under the leadership of Bob Mitchell, we have pursued carefully budgeted, thoughtful, and creative management at City Hall.  We need to continue to provide the efficient level of services that has caused our tax levy to be among the lowest in the Metropolitan area by electing a mayor with the management skills to work collaboratively with City staff and with the capacity to deal with difficult issues.

Our Services and Infrastructure 

          The most basic services upon which we all rely—crime free streets, plowed roads, beautiful parks—are maintained at the city level. I have initiated and spearheaded strategic planning for future fire and emergency response services in Medina, and believe that we need to engage in similar strategic thinking to ensure that the quality of our roads, parks, trails and other infrastructure is maintained with minimal tax impact on our residents.