Fred Webber, former Advertising Executive, Community Leader

I have attended many of the Medina City Council meetings over the 13 years my wife and I have lived in Medina. I’ve also had the opportunity to observe and work with other city councils in the metro area.

The Medina Council is among the very best I’ve seen. It puts its citizens’ needs first, and works hard to provide important services and maintain balanced growth.

A great deal of the effectiveness and success of Medina governance is attributable to the council, especially Mayor Kathy Martin.

She has a valuable background as a real estate lawyer. She comes to meetings well prepared and her positions on subjects before the council are based on information and knowledge.

She often identifies and leads the discussion on key issues and the rest of the Council relies on her leadership to cull through the information and propose specific actions, taking into account varying views on any given agenda item.

Voting for her will continue her service as mayor and help the city to move forward in a well-planned direction.