Charles Nolan, former Chair, Medina Planning Commission

charles nolan.jpg

I am writing this letter in strong support of Kathy Martin for Mayor of Medina, and ask you to please join me by voting for Kathy in the upcoming election. Kathy is by far the best candidate to lead our community and ensure a strong future for Medina. 


I served on Medina’s Planning Commission for 8 years and was elected Chair of the Commission for 4 of those years. In that capacity, I had the opportunity to work closely with each candidate for an extended period of time, making me uniquely positioned to speak “first hand” about the quality of the candidates for mayor. I enthusiastically support Kathy Martin. I worked closely with Kathy for many years during her time on the Commission and always found her to be well-prepared and insightful. She consistently demonstrated a strong knowledge of the issues, a fair and balanced viewpoint, and a commitment to preserving Medina’s high quality of life. She has done the same in her subsequent years as a member of our City Council. 

I also have the unique experience of having worked with Kathy for many years in her professional capacity as a real estate lawyer. In her practice, Kathy is intelligent and resourceful and always well-prepared, which makes her an effective negotiator. She is extremely detailed in her work and she consistently wins the respect and admiration of her colleagues, regardless of their relationship or their side. She is nationally recognized as a leader in her field. I believe Kathy’s extensive experience as a real estate lawyer and professional in the industry makes her uniquely qualified to deal with the many issues facing Medina and its residents. 

In addition, her experience managing a highly-regarded boutique law firm, gives her the entrepreneurial skills and business experience to manage the delicate balance of finances in our small City. She has already consistently exhibited this in her capacity as a member of the Medina City Council.

I strongly encourage you to vote for Kathy Martin for Mayor. No other candidate possesses the combination of strengths and attributes so well-suited to guide our community and ensure our City continues to provide the high quality of life we want to enjoy. 


Please join me and vote Kathy Martin for Mayor.