Mario Fabrizio, former IBM and UnitedHealth Group Executive

My name is Mario Fabrizio and, along with my family, I have resided in Wild Meadows for 15 years.

For those of us that live in Medina, this year’s election cycle includes making a choice for a new Mayor.  Often times, our local election choices are rarely as thoughtful as those for the state and national level offices. This year, the choice we make for Mayor of Medina is very important and I am sending this to ask you to be considered and deliberate when you cast your ballot.

We have two candidates running for mayor … Kathy Martin and John Anderson. I have had the opportunity to work closely with each of these individuals over the past 6 years while they have been on Medina’s City Council. Both candidates look similar on paper (voting history, position on development, etc.). Given my experience and observations, they are vastly different in their approaches, decision making, future vision, capabilities and perspective.

Our city will be best served with Kathy Martin as Mayor.

Kathy is balanced, fair and consistent in her dealings, listening to all sides before forming a position. She regularly demonstrates her ability to set aside personal bias in evaluating situations and is always honest and forthright in her communications. In City Council meetings she is always prepared and well read on all materials, unlike her counterparts. She is intelligent, well-spoken and empathetic which allows her to be an effective negotiator and consensus builder … and ultimately that is the Mayor’s job. Kathy is a seasoned real estate attorney and has demonstrated her competency by navigating the City through some difficult situations that her peers would have been unable to address.

Both candidates highlight managing residential growth, attracting more commercial venues and being fiscally responsible as part of their platforms. As residents, we likely are all in agreement with those priorities. The path to fulfillment on those however, is not a straight line, and some short-term compromises may be required to secure long-term success. Kathy has demonstrated her ability to make hard decisions to secure a trade-off today for a better future outcome. Having worked with both candidates, I know that Kathy can and will keep Medina on the right path and won’t allow the “squeaky wheels” to derail us.

Kathy is uniquely qualified to serve as our Mayor and address the many issues we are facing today while setting a solid direction for our future. Without her guidance and leadership at City Hall we will all suffer.

Regardless of your choice, please make sure you get out vote!  

Thanks, Mario