Steve Lee, Medina Parks and Trails Commission

In 2016 and 2017, I had the pleasure of working with Kathy Martin as a member of the Medina Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee, whose purpose was to develop a plan in accordance with the Metropolitan Council’s 2040 Thrive Program, to guide the development and direction of Medina for the  next 10 years. Kathy was the chairman of our committee. Her leadership was instrumental in securing a comprehensive plan all committee participants could support.

Numerous stakeholders brought legitimate but often conflicting concerns to the committee. Kathy made sure all voices were respected, their opinions welcomed and considered as the plan developed. She led our committee, guided our interactions with city staff, secured a consensus from the committee on each plan requirement, and kept the committee on track to complete the plan well ahead of the scheduled due date.  She proved to be a great facilitator throughout this process.

I believe the committee produced a constructive, professional product that will serve Medina well for the next decade and it was Kathy’s focused and professional leadership that made this happen. The skills she displayed as the chairman of our committee will make her an excellent mayor.