Mike Siitari, former Medina City Council Member; former Chief of Police of Edina

I am endorsing Kathy Martin for Mayor of Medina based on her vision, leadership and expertise in land use issues, attributes that will best serve the community as our next mayor.  I am a 30-year resident of Medina who retired after 35 years in Public Safety, including serving as Chief of Police for the City of Edina and the South Lake Minnetonka Police Department.  I also served one term as a Medina City Council member.

Kathy’s knowledge and experience in land issues, which is critical for the mayor, have been well documented in other posts.  However, I would like to highlight her leadership in Public Safety matters as well.  Public Safety comprises 54% of the 2018 budget, slightly more than double the next highest category.   The Police Department has a relatively small staff to address the large geographic area that is Medina. In addition, we are served by four volunteer fire departments, which do their best to meet the ever-increasing needs of our community in addition to maintaining compliance with ever increasing regulations. In a proactive effort to understand the ever-changing model for emergency services in our City, Kathy has initiated and is leading a long-term planning process with both the police and fire departments. This effort is specifically targeted at understanding what the short- and long-term needs of each entity will be to continue providing exemplary emergency response services to the residents of Medina.  This is the type of vision, leadership and drive that sets her apart and earns my endorsement.   I encourage you to vote for Kathy Martin for Mayor of Medina.  

Mike Sitar