Bob Franklin, former Medina City Council Member

As a citizen member of Medina's 2040 long-range planning committee, I worked with both candidates for mayor through an intensive three-year process. John Anderson certainly deserves thanks for his dedicated public service as a committee member. However, I believe committee chair Kathy Martin -- because of her legal knowledge, negotiating skills, attentive listening and demonstrated leadership -- is best-suited to serve as our mayor as we confront the challenges of limiting residential development, controlling taxes and addressing community needs.

In a December 2007 City Council meeting, about 70 of us objected to a proposed 34 percent increase in city property tax collections for the next year. The council, under then-Mayor Tom Crosby, cut back significantly. Since then, the city portion of our tax rate has been second-lowest (to property-rich Orono) among eight nearby communities.

One further note: Since I served on the council in the 1970s, Medina city government has maintained a basically nonpartisan attitude in working effectively with citizens and influencing other government bodies. I believe Kathy Martin is best able to maintain that tradition while balancing conservative fiscal responsibility (see bond ratings, for instance) and meeting community expectations.