Liz Weir, former Mayor of Medina

Dear Fellow Medina Resident,

Following the too-early death of Mayor Bob Mitchell on July 30, I write in support of Kathy Martin for Mayor of Medina. She is the most capable and qualified person to lead our city forward.

I was the mayor who immediately preceded Bob’s terms in office, retiring in 2014. With his death our city lost a steady guiding hand and I lost a friend and colleague. As I grew into mayoral office, I conferred with Bob, whose long experience in government and municipal law proved to be a reliable resource for me on issues with which I was less familiar.

During a conversation last summer, he told me how valuable it was to have Kathy Martin on the City Council and how he hoped she might consider running for the office of Mayor in 2020, when he had planned to step down. Bob respected her professional insights as a real estate attorney, her clear, analytical thinking and her quiet leadership.

I too appreciated Council Member Kathy Martin’s astute thinking during my tenure as mayor. Her intelligence and fine legal mind proved invaluable when the City was engaged in mediation before a judge over a costly land use lawsuit. At budget-setting time, I found her judgment to be sound and her approach rational and fiscally conservative.

She served for three years on the Planning Commission, five years on the City Council, as Acting Mayor from January 2018, and the Council voted for her to become Mayor in August.

Mayor Mitchell nominated her to the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee, and the Council elected her to chair the Committee. I attended several meetings and watched her meld the body of residents, from different areas of the city and with different interests, into a team. She listens, considers and guides, and her sole interest is the wellbeing of Medina and its residents.

In summary, anyone who regularly follows the minutes of the Medina City Council meetings, will recognize the value of Kathy’s deep understanding of city and land use issues. She is visionary in shaping slower growth to preserve Medina’s rural character, and she has brought together our four fire departments as they plan for a changing future. As the minutes show, Kathy asks incisive questions and proposes precise, structured motions for approval. She is an informed, natural leader.

On Election Day, November 6, I hope you will support her candidacy to continue serving as Medina’s Mayor. She has my vote, and she merits yours.

Sincerely Yours, 

Liz Weir,

Medina City Council for 10 years, Mayor 2012 to 2014.