Steve Lee, Medina Parks and Trails Commission

In 2016 and 2017, I had the pleasure of working with Kathy Martin as a member of the Medina Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee, whose purpose was to develop a plan in accordance with the Metropolitan Council’s 2040 Thrive Program, to guide the development and direction of Medina for the  next 10 years. Kathy was the chairman of our committee. Her leadership was instrumental in securing a comprehensive plan all committee participants could support.

Numerous stakeholders brought legitimate but often conflicting concerns to the committee. Kathy made sure all voices were respected, their opinions welcomed and considered as the plan developed. She led our committee, guided our interactions with city staff, secured a consensus from the committee on each plan requirement, and kept the committee on track to complete the plan well ahead of the scheduled due date.  She proved to be a great facilitator throughout this process.

I believe the committee produced a constructive, professional product that will serve Medina well for the next decade and it was Kathy’s focused and professional leadership that made this happen. The skills she displayed as the chairman of our committee will make her an excellent mayor. 

Bob Franklin, former Medina City Council Member

As a citizen member of Medina's 2040 long-range planning committee, I worked with both candidates for mayor through an intensive three-year process. John Anderson certainly deserves thanks for his dedicated public service as a committee member. However, I believe committee chair Kathy Martin -- because of her legal knowledge, negotiating skills, attentive listening and demonstrated leadership -- is best-suited to serve as our mayor as we confront the challenges of limiting residential development, controlling taxes and addressing community needs.

In a December 2007 City Council meeting, about 70 of us objected to a proposed 34 percent increase in city property tax collections for the next year. The council, under then-Mayor Tom Crosby, cut back significantly. Since then, the city portion of our tax rate has been second-lowest (to property-rich Orono) among eight nearby communities.

One further note: Since I served on the council in the 1970s, Medina city government has maintained a basically nonpartisan attitude in working effectively with citizens and influencing other government bodies. I believe Kathy Martin is best able to maintain that tradition while balancing conservative fiscal responsibility (see bond ratings, for instance) and meeting community expectations. 

Phil Zietlow, former Mayor of Medina

As a former Medina Mayor and Council Member, I heartily endorse Kathy Martin to continue as our Mayor of Medina. Our city has been blessed to have a history of excellent mayors who have led our city to the place we are today. I believe Kathy is the best person to continue that tradition.

In my opinion there are three keys to maintaining our great city:

  1. Keep Medina’s rural character by controlling our growth.

  2. Support our city staff to keep our city safe and our infrastructure (roads, parks, water systems, and fire departments) working well.

  3. Keep our city tax rate low.

Kathy is very astute to the importance of keeping our city budget controlled.  She does this by working closely with our excellent staff to inspire them to provide good services without extra frills. She has excellent rapport with our police and fire departments. Lastly, she has a ton of experience negotiating with the Met Council to keep our growth reasonable.

I urge you to vote for Kathy Martin as our mayor of Medina. 

Mike Siitari, former Medina City Council Member; former Chief of Police of Edina

I am endorsing Kathy Martin for Mayor of Medina based on her vision, leadership and expertise in land use issues, attributes that will best serve the community as our next mayor.  I am a 30-year resident of Medina who retired after 35 years in Public Safety, including serving as Chief of Police for the City of Edina and the South Lake Minnetonka Police Department.  I also served one term as a Medina City Council member.

Kathy’s knowledge and experience in land issues, which is critical for the mayor, have been well documented in other posts.  However, I would like to highlight her leadership in Public Safety matters as well.  Public Safety comprises 54% of the 2018 budget, slightly more than double the next highest category.   The Police Department has a relatively small staff to address the large geographic area that is Medina. In addition, we are served by four volunteer fire departments, which do their best to meet the ever-increasing needs of our community in addition to maintaining compliance with ever increasing regulations. In a proactive effort to understand the ever-changing model for emergency services in our City, Kathy has initiated and is leading a long-term planning process with both the police and fire departments. This effort is specifically targeted at understanding what the short- and long-term needs of each entity will be to continue providing exemplary emergency response services to the residents of Medina.  This is the type of vision, leadership and drive that sets her apart and earns my endorsement.   I encourage you to vote for Kathy Martin for Mayor of Medina.  

Mike Sitar

Marty Schneider, Mayor of Long Lake

I would like to extend my personal support for Kathy Martin. I have worked closely with Kathy for years on the fire advisory board which coordinates the administration of fire services in the Long Lake, Medina & Orono districts. Kathy's insight, attention to detail and legal expertise has been essential to our group. Her approach has always been, above all else, focused on the best public safety solutions for citizens. I know Kathy will be an exceptional Mayor in Medina. Sincerely, Marty Schneider- Mayor Long Lake MN.

Melissa Martinson, MS PhD, former Medina City Council Member

Kathy and I worked together for several years as members of the Medina City Council.  I have always known her to be a person of the utmost integrity, and she always put the interests of the city first.  Additionally, her extensive experience as a lawyer was a big plus, as so much of what the Council does involves real estate law.  Kathy has my strongest endorsement for Mayor.

Kind regards,


Liz Weir, former Mayor of Medina

Dear Fellow Medina Resident,

Following the too-early death of Mayor Bob Mitchell on July 30, I write in support of Kathy Martin for Mayor of Medina. She is the most capable and qualified person to lead our city forward.

I was the mayor who immediately preceded Bob’s terms in office, retiring in 2014. With his death our city lost a steady guiding hand and I lost a friend and colleague. As I grew into mayoral office, I conferred with Bob, whose long experience in government and municipal law proved to be a reliable resource for me on issues with which I was less familiar.

During a conversation last summer, he told me how valuable it was to have Kathy Martin on the City Council and how he hoped she might consider running for the office of Mayor in 2020, when he had planned to step down. Bob respected her professional insights as a real estate attorney, her clear, analytical thinking and her quiet leadership.

I too appreciated Council Member Kathy Martin’s astute thinking during my tenure as mayor. Her intelligence and fine legal mind proved invaluable when the City was engaged in mediation before a judge over a costly land use lawsuit. At budget-setting time, I found her judgment to be sound and her approach rational and fiscally conservative.

She served for three years on the Planning Commission, five years on the City Council, as Acting Mayor from January 2018, and the Council voted for her to become Mayor in August.

Mayor Mitchell nominated her to the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee, and the Council elected her to chair the Committee. I attended several meetings and watched her meld the body of residents, from different areas of the city and with different interests, into a team. She listens, considers and guides, and her sole interest is the wellbeing of Medina and its residents.

In summary, anyone who regularly follows the minutes of the Medina City Council meetings, will recognize the value of Kathy’s deep understanding of city and land use issues. She is visionary in shaping slower growth to preserve Medina’s rural character, and she has brought together our four fire departments as they plan for a changing future. As the minutes show, Kathy asks incisive questions and proposes precise, structured motions for approval. She is an informed, natural leader.

On Election Day, November 6, I hope you will support her candidacy to continue serving as Medina’s Mayor. She has my vote, and she merits yours.

Sincerely Yours, 

Liz Weir,

Medina City Council for 10 years, Mayor 2012 to 2014.

Mario Fabrizio, former IBM and UnitedHealth Group Executive

My name is Mario Fabrizio and, along with my family, I have resided in Wild Meadows for 15 years.

For those of us that live in Medina, this year’s election cycle includes making a choice for a new Mayor.  Often times, our local election choices are rarely as thoughtful as those for the state and national level offices. This year, the choice we make for Mayor of Medina is very important and I am sending this to ask you to be considered and deliberate when you cast your ballot.

We have two candidates running for mayor … Kathy Martin and John Anderson. I have had the opportunity to work closely with each of these individuals over the past 6 years while they have been on Medina’s City Council. Both candidates look similar on paper (voting history, position on development, etc.). Given my experience and observations, they are vastly different in their approaches, decision making, future vision, capabilities and perspective.

Our city will be best served with Kathy Martin as Mayor.

Kathy is balanced, fair and consistent in her dealings, listening to all sides before forming a position. She regularly demonstrates her ability to set aside personal bias in evaluating situations and is always honest and forthright in her communications. In City Council meetings she is always prepared and well read on all materials, unlike her counterparts. She is intelligent, well-spoken and empathetic which allows her to be an effective negotiator and consensus builder … and ultimately that is the Mayor’s job. Kathy is a seasoned real estate attorney and has demonstrated her competency by navigating the City through some difficult situations that her peers would have been unable to address.

Both candidates highlight managing residential growth, attracting more commercial venues and being fiscally responsible as part of their platforms. As residents, we likely are all in agreement with those priorities. The path to fulfillment on those however, is not a straight line, and some short-term compromises may be required to secure long-term success. Kathy has demonstrated her ability to make hard decisions to secure a trade-off today for a better future outcome. Having worked with both candidates, I know that Kathy can and will keep Medina on the right path and won’t allow the “squeaky wheels” to derail us.

Kathy is uniquely qualified to serve as our Mayor and address the many issues we are facing today while setting a solid direction for our future. Without her guidance and leadership at City Hall we will all suffer.

Regardless of your choice, please make sure you get out vote!  

Thanks, Mario

Wayne Popham, former State Senator and Founder of Popham, Haik, Schnobrich, Kaufmann & Doty

To the Residents of Medina:

I strongly support Kathy Martin for Mayor of Medina.

Kathy has served Medina on the Planning Commission, as a member of the City Council and now as Mayor.

She has a depth of experience to continue as the leader of our City government.

Kathy is a person of high energy,  and a hard worker who brings a commonsense approach to our City’s government.

Vote to keep Kathy working for our City.


Wayne Popham

Charles Nolan, former Chair, Medina Planning Commission

charles nolan.jpg

I am writing this letter in strong support of Kathy Martin for Mayor of Medina, and ask you to please join me by voting for Kathy in the upcoming election. Kathy is by far the best candidate to lead our community and ensure a strong future for Medina. 


I served on Medina’s Planning Commission for 8 years and was elected Chair of the Commission for 4 of those years. In that capacity, I had the opportunity to work closely with each candidate for an extended period of time, making me uniquely positioned to speak “first hand” about the quality of the candidates for mayor. I enthusiastically support Kathy Martin. I worked closely with Kathy for many years during her time on the Commission and always found her to be well-prepared and insightful. She consistently demonstrated a strong knowledge of the issues, a fair and balanced viewpoint, and a commitment to preserving Medina’s high quality of life. She has done the same in her subsequent years as a member of our City Council. 

I also have the unique experience of having worked with Kathy for many years in her professional capacity as a real estate lawyer. In her practice, Kathy is intelligent and resourceful and always well-prepared, which makes her an effective negotiator. She is extremely detailed in her work and she consistently wins the respect and admiration of her colleagues, regardless of their relationship or their side. She is nationally recognized as a leader in her field. I believe Kathy’s extensive experience as a real estate lawyer and professional in the industry makes her uniquely qualified to deal with the many issues facing Medina and its residents. 

In addition, her experience managing a highly-regarded boutique law firm, gives her the entrepreneurial skills and business experience to manage the delicate balance of finances in our small City. She has already consistently exhibited this in her capacity as a member of the Medina City Council.

I strongly encourage you to vote for Kathy Martin for Mayor. No other candidate possesses the combination of strengths and attributes so well-suited to guide our community and ensure our City continues to provide the high quality of life we want to enjoy. 


Please join me and vote Kathy Martin for Mayor. 

Fred Webber, former Advertising Executive, Community Leader

I have attended many of the Medina City Council meetings over the 13 years my wife and I have lived in Medina. I’ve also had the opportunity to observe and work with other city councils in the metro area.

The Medina Council is among the very best I’ve seen. It puts its citizens’ needs first, and works hard to provide important services and maintain balanced growth.

A great deal of the effectiveness and success of Medina governance is attributable to the council, especially Mayor Kathy Martin.

She has a valuable background as a real estate lawyer. She comes to meetings well prepared and her positions on subjects before the council are based on information and knowledge.

She often identifies and leads the discussion on key issues and the rest of the Council relies on her leadership to cull through the information and propose specific actions, taking into account varying views on any given agenda item.

Voting for her will continue her service as mayor and help the city to move forward in a well-planned direction.

D J (Shorty) Dorweiler, CEO Farmers State Bank of Hamel

I am 100% supportive of Kathy Martin in her run for Mayor of Medina in the November 2018 election.  Kathy is very bright and her thought process is always both thorough and analytical.  She always maintains an even keel and approaches all matters in a professional manner.  Kathy has served Medina very well and would continue to do so as Mayor.  Her thought process and her actions have gained my utmost respect.